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Great advances have been made in the area of nasal surgery.  The so-called "nosejob" of the fifties and sixties has given way to a more anatomical approach.  The present approach respects the anatomy of the nose, the facial configuration and the needs of the patient.  Frequently, an open approach is used and a suturing technique is employed to reshape the nose.  This is called a vector rhinoplasty.  The old rhinoplasty often removed tissue excessively, which at times left a non-descript, bulbous and unflattering nose.  Modern rhinoplasty redirects tissue to those areas where it better serves the patient.  This results in a structurally strong, but more refined nose.  Critical to this approach is the use of sutures, which shape and mold the tip, position the ip, and control the angle of the tip.  The use of unseen grafts harvested from the septal cartilage further bolsters, strengthens and supports the nose and gives contour and definition to it.


Modern rhinoplasty permits reshaping of the involved area while not violating their integrity.  It also has the advantage of being reversible to a degree because the sutures can be removed.  the nasal operation can be performed on an outpatient basis.  Patients should avoid aerobic activities for a period of 10 days and contact sports for a period of three to four weeks.  There is frequently bruising of the eyes and bleeding on the night of the surgery.  Side effects and recovery are fully explained to the patient.  Most patients look good within several weeks.  However, changes are not complete for at least a year to a year and a half.


Dr. Lawrence Reed has a special interest in correcting severe deformities of the nose that can occur after injury or as a result of prior nasal surgery.  Dr. Reed brings years of experience in correcting these unique and difficult problems 


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