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Dr. Reed's experience in liposuction began in the early 1980s shortly after the introduction to this technique in America.  Liposuction is one of the most frequently performed operations in aesthetic surgery. The liposuction procedure has undergone a number of significant advances and refinements over the years.  Today small cannulas (the suctioning tubes) are employed and used in conjunction with ultrasonic assisted liposuction when indicated.  Liposuction works best for contouring areas of unwanted localized fat such as beneath the chin, on the waist, the hips, the abdomen, the love handles and the knees.  Larger areas such as the arms, the total abdomen, the total thigh, and the claves are also routinely done.  It is wise not to remove too much fat in one sitting.  Following liposuction, changes may be seen for approximately six months.


For most patients there is a measurable and a visual improvement by three weeks and further improvement over the next 21 weeks.  Normally, it takes approximately six months for the final results to be apparent.  At that point, approximately two to three percent of patients will need some sort of touch up to smooth or correct an area of asymmetry if necessary.

Liposuction and liposculpturing are successful in both younger and older patients.  In older patients, however, skin irregularities may be expected.  It is also important to point out that cellulite is not corrected by this method.  Patient expectations vary.  Some of the most satisfied patients are older and heavy patients, who will accept some wrinkling of the skin and persistent cellulite as long as they look better in clothing.  Liposuction can also be used in selected cases for breast reduction, eliminating the standard breast reduction scars and allowing for a faster return to normal activities.


The Reed Center's approach today, which has evolved from 25 years of experience, includes the use of ultrasonic energy combined with power assisted liposuction.  Most patients can and should return to full activity within the next day or so to full activity with minimal discomfort.  Most of our patients who have active careers and exercise regularly benefit from this new technology.


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